How to maintain an omelet

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The unique feeling of instant noodles and the temperament of melting and reducing age make egg roll hair become a lot of beautiful eyebrow. However, after the MM is hot the hair, remember to take care of well. Otherwise, the egg roll will pull you into the abyss called o 'basan. So how do you maintain an omelet? Let's get down to it!Brazilian Hair suppliers


Wash your hair

No matter what type of hair, frequent shampoo is necessary. Shampoo can wash the dirt in hair, let hair appear natural and fresh. Girls, if they wash their hair frequently, will make the top of the egg roll more fluffy.

Ii. Use of elastin

If you want your egg roll to last for a long time, you can use elastin! Elastin can not only restore the elasticity of the hair, but also play the role of shaping. Therefore, it is recommended that girls wake up in the morning and touch their hair with moisturizing water, then apply elastin at the ends to allow the hair to absorb so that the hair will be more elastic and color.

It's a trick to blow your hair

If the girls don't have elastin at home, but want to keep the roll of the egg roll, then mastering the hair-blowing technique is a good option. Girls can blow their hair with their fingers on the shaft of their hair every time they wash their hair, and the hair will be curled in a curly shape.